The peak of Henan's lowest tone, which is comparable

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The hometown of Henan, the great beauty and the landscape. There are so many beautiful scenery in Henan, which is not before me. During the trip to Henan, I visited a few peaks in the south of Henan and the Lushan. Although the mountain climbing, thechina to japan flightspeople were exhausted, but on the top of the mountain, the mountains and the mountains were open and fast, and the feeling was wonderful. The article is shared with the Yao Shan of Lushan County, Pingdingshan, Henan Province.

Yao Shan is located in the western part of Lushan County. It is located in the eastern section of the Vodu Mountain. It is also known as the Great Dragon Mountain. It is the place where the Japanese-American--Sun------------------------------------------- Yao Shan, a famous scenic spot, has been named the "National nature reserve, national key scenic spot, national 5A tourism scenic spot, national geological park" and enjoys the honor of the "Top 10 scenic spots", "a good place to go for a ten-year trip" and "The most beautiful place in Henan" of Henan Province.

On the same day we went to Yaoshan, it happened to be rainy and rainy to climb the mountain, and we backed out a few times in the middle of the way, but in the end we insisted on walking down, which was really not easy! Yao Mountain is more dangerous than Huashan, coupled with the slippery road on rainy days, walking in the cliff trestle opened by the chisel, is really shocking step by step. Infinite scenery in the dangerous peak, walking on the top of the mountain, Yao Mountain continuous grandeur, even the scenery in the rain is amazing!

Yaoshan forest is dense, the mountain peak is strange, the stone is numerous, the foot of the mountain has a scenic spot called the racecourse. The dense mountains and stones in the valley are of different sizes and stacked in layers, like a thousand horses running through, and the scene is magnificent. Geologically, it is called stone egg geomorphology. Myth and legend show that White Bull Daxin has 45 miles of running ground to practice military horses, and then subdued by the heavenly army will subdue to form. this scene.

We walked in raincoats, climbed all the way along the mountain road, then reached the top of the mountain in a small cable car, and came to the halfway mountain viewing platform. to overlook the mountains, the peaks, and the clouds. Then along Panshan Mountain Road and cliff trestle road, continue to walk to the depths of Yao Mountain, step by step along the road, even in the rain scene, Yao Mountain's atmosphere magnificent, but also amazing.

Yao Shan Ji-hsiung, the insurance, the show, the odd, the one-in-one, the mountain wall, the abnormal peak, such as the plastic, the strange stone, the mountain, the dragon and the phoenix, the far and the far, make up a beautiful and beautiful natural picture volume, have the danger of Huashan, the mountain of Emei, the beauty of the Zhangjiajie, the show of the Huangshan, It is an ideal place for sightseeing, summer-heat treatment and scientific research and exploration.

Yaoshan Qifeng strange stone, mountain flowers dense forest, waterfall mountain spring, lake Yunhai, rare birds and animals and rich and profound human landscape constitute a complete and unique landscape system, Yao Mountain scenic spot famous landscape of more than 240, stone people, generals peak, Qianzhang rock, he Hefeng, Bai Niuchengkou, Wang Mu sedan chair, Tongtian River, Jiuqu waterfall, ghost gate, south Tianmen, newspaper Xiaofeng, monkey Guanyin and so on are the most attractive scenic spots.

Like Huangshan Mountain, Yaoshan also has a famous welcome pine, which is located on the back of Qinglong and rooted in the seams of absolute wall rock. The branches are lush, the tree is 6 meters tall, the trunk is about 40 centimeters thick, and it has been more than 500 years old. The crown outline is curved, the branches stretch to the sun, and several branches extend eastward, such as open arms, welcome tourists from afar.

In summer Yao Shan, emerald green want to drop, coolflight tickets japanand pleasant, like the fairyland of the world. Especially when the rain clears, stops the dangerous peak overlooks, the cloud sea is boundless, the wave undulates, the Xia flies tassel, walks through the beautiful scenery, breathes the fresh air which is rich in negative ions, lets the person fresh and clear, flees and forgets to return. Just after the rain, the mountain slippery, especially walking on the cliff trestle, but also step by step careful, if you are not careful, you will slip down the deep valley. However, because the mountain road is steep, the beautiful scenery can only be seen by the brave.

Confucius said, "the wise are happy with water, and those with benevolence are happy with mountains." A wise man knows flexibility, and a benevolent man has a peaceful state of mind. The music of the wise, like water, reads all things in the world, leisurely and indifferent. The joy of benevolence, like a mountain, stands firm, lofty and peaceful. If you like to climb mountains, it is suggested that the beautiful Yao Mountain should be added to the travel list.


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