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workout routine that is packed with tons of necessary and unnecessary exercises. Consider doing bridges on a daily basis and you will feel the following:

1. Better posture
Whether you have a sedentary job or you are a stay-at-home mom, chances are you spend your days in front of the screens – be it a television or a smartphone. Even when reading this on your laptop or phone, you are probably leaning forward or back (we are all guilty of this).

Bad posture is linked to frequent headaches, tight muscles and neck and back pains. Doing bridges regularly has been shown to improve posture and prevent all those types of pain. 5 minutes a day will be enough to keep your posture healthy.

2. No back pain
Back pain can also be caused by poor spine movement. If you live a mostly seated lifestyle, you have a higher risk of suffering from low back pain. Doing bridges on a daily basis is a great way out. Not only do bridges help relieve low back pain, they also help prevent it down the road.

3. Better balance
Bridges help to train your posterior chain, namely the gluteals, hamstrings, and back extensors that play an important role in your ability to keep your balance and regain it when you start to fall. Doing bridges every day will help you improve your balance and strengthen your core.

4. Stronger glutes
Although walking and running can help tighten and strengthen your buns and legs, you cannot do those workouts whenever or wherever you want, right? Bridges are a simple yet effective glute-toning exercise that you can perform. even in the office, of course if your coworkers don’t mind.






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