Increase Store Visits with Beacon technology

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Connecting IoT with beacon technology, retailers can increase the footfalls in the store by sending notifications and alerts to customers’ smartphone based on the location proximity. When customers come near your store, they start receiving the personalized discount, offers, special events, advertising, and other reminders through the stores’ mobile app. Beacon triggered content engages customers more and increases their likelihood to purchase in-store.

smart retail solutionoffers a big data analysis platform. to Hong Kong retailers to keep track of multiple metrics, which gives them the insights about customer behaviour to optimize in-store marketing strategies.

Leverage GpS and RFID sensors to track your consignments in real-time and get the update in your smartphone. With IoT enabled sensors, retailers can track at which temperature the product is stored, how much time the transit will take, the recent location of the transit, and much more. The advanced data help retailers make their transportation facility more efficient by maintaining the product quality for a long time and avoiding substantial loss.

There are other regular facilities available inshort term serviced apartmentcauseway bay like laundry service, newspaper and flower service. Taxi booking and car rentals can be accessed at any time and non-regular services like emergency medical services and Business center services can be accessed at a single call

IoT based shelves help you track the real-time the status of the product quantity on each of the shelves. It helps your staff to refill the empty space on the shelves immediately with the required product. Moreover, retailers can make a decision about restocking the particular products and make sure that they never run out of stock.

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Credencys helps retailers to get all the insights about their retail store on the go. We build retail mobility solutions where we connect your IoT hardware and other solutions with a mobile app to enable you with the complete view of your retail business. we help retailers to fill the gap between physical and digital shopping experiences, improve customer engagement and improve the performance of the store. Let’s work together to build your next IoT retail solution that helps you gain competitive edge.

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