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There is a faint freshness in the London night as  some strayed reveller of a breeze had left his comrades in the Kentish uplands and had entered the town by stealth. The  are a little damp and shiny. Upon one’s ears that at this late hour have become very acute there hits the tap of a remote . Louder and louder grow the taps, filling the whole night. And a black cloaked figure passes by, and goes tapping into the  has danced goes . Somewhere a ball has closed its doors and ended. Its yellow lights are out, its musicians are silent, its dancers have all gone into the night air, and Time , “Let it be past and over, and among the things that I have put away.”

53Her desolation is  of in taverns where sailors meet, and certain travellers have .

I had hoped to see Bethmoora once again. It is many a year ago, they say, when the vintage was last  in from the vineyards that I knew, where it is all desert now. It was a radiant day, and the people of the city were dancing by the vineyards, while here and there one played upon the kalipac. The purple flowering shrubs were all in bloom, and the snow shone upon the Hills of Hap.

Outside the copper gates they crushed the grapes in vats to make the syrabub. It had been a goodly vintage.

Many believe that it was a message from Thuba Mleen,  emperor of those lands, who is never seen by man, advising that Bethmoora should be left desolate. Others say that the message was one of warning from the gods, whether from friendly gods or from adverse ones they know not.






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