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With the renewal of mobile phone technology, the design and manufacturing technology of mobile phone components are continuously upgraded. Among them, the connector is one of the most important electronic components. The quality of the mobile phone directly affects the quality of the mobile phone and the reliability when used.

  The main types of mobile phone connector:
  Connector generally refers to the connection of two active devices, transmission current or signal. According to the application environment, objects, power, frequency, a wide range of connectors, the main applications are FPC connector, I / O connector, card connector, battery connector and antenna connector five.

  FPC connector: Used to connect LCD display screen and drive circuit (PCB).
  I / O connector: contains two parts of the signal and power connections, is the most important mobile phone access.
  Card connector: Mainly used to connect the SIM card and T-flash card, is an integral part of the phone.
  Battery connector: can be divided into knife blade and shrapnel, the main application for the shrapnel.
  Antenna Connector: It is responsible for connecting the antenna and the mobile phone driver circuit (PCB), and the shape of the antenna affects the high frequency performance of the antenna.

  Mobile phone connector's main performance:
  1, mechanical properties
  As the use of mobile phones in the relatively high number of connectors, should have a good insertion and removal force, that is, insertion force and pull-out force must meet the requirements of the industry standards. In general, the insertion force standard mainly limits the maximum insertion force, while the standard of the pullout force mainly stipulates the minimum pullout force because the resistance when inserted is too large and the pullout resistance is too small, which is unfavorable to the normal use of the handset.
In addition, another important mechanical performance of the connector is its mechanical life, that is, the durability of the phone connector. The manufacturer must conduct this test before the product is sold to determine the mechanical life of the part for the cooperator and customer to know about the quality of the product.

  2, electrical performance
  Contact resistance: Low and stable contact resistance is one of the prerequisites for high quality connectors.
  Insulation resistance: can determine the connector between the connector and the shell, the contact between the contacts and the insulation is qualified.
  Dielectric strength: also known as withstand voltage, dielectric withstand voltage, used to determine the connector between the connector and the shell, the contact between the contacts and the rated voltage withstand capability.
  Other electrical properties: Depending on the type of connector varies.

  3, environmental performance
  Temperature: The general rating of the operating temperature range of -65 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ (except for special categories, such as high temperature special connector), due to the working principle of the connector will have heat, it is generally recognized that the working temperature is the ambient temperature and contact temperature rise Sum.
  Moisture resistance: the insulation of the connector will be affected by water vapor intrusion, and moisture may cause corrosion of the metal parts, so the connector will be made constant moist heat test before leaving the factory, the test time varies according to the product category .
  Resistance to salt spray: When the working environment of the connector contains salt and moisture, galvanic corrosion may occur on the surface of the contact piece and the metal structural parts, which may affect the normal use of the physical and electrical connectors.
  Vibration and Shock: These two items are one of the important properties of a connector and are important criteria for judging the electrical contact reliability of a connector and the robustness of the mechanical structure.
  Other environmental performance: Depending on the use of the connector requirements, there are low pressure, sealing (liquid pressure, air leaks), liquid impregnation (for specific liquid resistance to abuse ability) and other properties.






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