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  ‘Didn’t little Johnny never say nothing,’ asked Praying Mother Washington, ‘to make youthink the Lord was working in his heart?’
  ‘He always kind of quiet,’ said Elizabeth. ‘He don’t say much how to start a company in hong kong.’
  ‘No,’ said Sister McCandless, ‘he ain’t like all these rough young one nowadays—he gotsome respect for his elders. You done raised him mighty well, Sister Grimes.’
  ‘It was his birthday yesterday,’ Elizabeth said.
  ‘No!’ cried Sister Price. ‘How old he got to be yesterday?’
  ‘He done made fourteen,’ she said.
  ‘?’ said Sister Price, with wonder. ‘The Lord done saved that boy’s soul onhis birthday!’
  ‘Well, he got two birthdays now,’ smiled Sister McCandless, ‘just like he got two brothers—one in the flesh, and one in the Spirit.’
  ‘Amen, bless the Lord!’ cried Praying Mother Washington rental serviced apartment.
  ‘What book was it, Richard?’
  ‘Oh, I don’t remember. Just a book.’
  ‘You smiled.’
  ‘You was mighty pretty.’
  She took her sodden handkerchief out of her bag, and dried her eyes; and dried her eyesagain, looking down the avenue.
  ‘Yes,’ said Sister Price, gently, ‘you just thank the Lord. You just let the tears fall. I knowyour heart is full this morning.’
  ‘The Lord’s done give you,’ said Praying Mother Washington phd hong kong, ‘a mighty blessing—andwhat the Lord gives, can’t no man take away.’
   ‘I open,’ said Sister McCandless, ‘and no man can shut. I shut, and no man can open.’
  ‘Amen,’ said Sister Price. ‘Amen.’
  ‘Well, I reckon,’ Florence said, ‘your soul is praising God this morning.’






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