You was mighty pretty

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  ‘I know,’ she said, ‘you’s a mighty happy woman this morning.’
  Elizabeth smiled and raised her head, but did not look directly at Sister Price. She lookedahead, down the long avenue, where Gabriel walked with Florence, where John walked withElisha.
  ‘Yes,’ she said, at last. ‘I began praying. And I ain’t sopped praying yet.’
  ‘Yes, Lord,’ said Sister Price, ‘can’t none of us stop praying till we see His blessed face.’
  ‘But I bet you didn’t never think,’ said Sister McCandless, with a laugh, ‘that little Johnnywas going to jump up so soon, and get religion. Bless our God!’
  ‘The Lord is going to bless that boy, you mark my words,’ said Praying MotherWashington.
  ‘Shake hands with the preacher, Johnny.’
  ‘Got a man in the Bible, son, who liked music, too. And he got to dancing one day beforethe Lord. You reckon you going to dance before the Lord one of these days?’
  ‘Yes, Lord,’ said Sister Price, ‘the Lord done raised you up a holy son. He going to comfortyour grey hairs.’
  Elizabeth found that her tears were falling, slowly, bitterly, in the morning light. ‘I pray theLord,’ she said, ‘to bear him up on every side.’
  ‘Yes,’ said Sister McCandless, gravely, ‘it’s more than a notion. The Devil rises on everyhand master of business administration hong kong.’
  Then, in silence, they came to the wide crossing where the tramline ran. A lean cat stalkedthe gutter and fled as they approached; turned to watch them, with yellow, malevolent eyes, fromthe ambush of a dustbin. A gray bird flew above them, above the electric wires for the tram line,and perched on the metal cornice of a roof. Then, far down the avenue, they heard a siren, and the clanging of a bell, and looked up to see the ambulance speed past them on the way to the hospitalthat was near the church.
  ‘Another soul struck down apartment central hk,’ murmured Sister McCandless. ‘Lord have mercy.’
  ‘He said in the last days evil would abound,’ said Sister Price.
  ‘Well, yes, He did say it,’ said Praying Mother Washington, ‘and I’m so glad He told us Hewouldn’t leave us comfortless.’
  ‘’When ye see all these things, know that your salvation is at hand,’ said SisterMcCandless. ‘A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand—but it ain’tgoing to come nigh thee apartment for rent.So glad, amen, this morning, bless my Redeemer.’
  ‘You remember that day when you come into the store?’
  ‘I didn’t think you never looked at me.’


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