she was in advanced cancer

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It is natural for new mothers to be happy to see a newborn baby, but do not neglect their own physical health. Just after giving birth to a child, a new mother who is still breastfeeding is unfortunately found to have "inflammatory breast cancer." The new mother first thought that it was only inflammation and she didn't go to the hospital. When she went to see the doctor again, she was in advanced cancer.

During pregnancy and breast-feeding, women's hormone levels have changed significantly and they have entered a period of high incidence of "inflammatory breast cancer." However, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, women may have changes and discomforts to varying degrees due to breast hyperplasia and breast swelling. They may also have similar “inflammation and thermal pain” phenomena. This may also interfere with patient’s judgment and may easily lead to breast-feeding. Acute mastitis is confused.

"Inflammatory breast cancer" is characterized by a high degree of malignant transformation, rapid progression, recurrence and metastasis, and symptoms similar to inflammation, which are easily overlooked. Therefore, women are best to do a chest B ultrasound before pregnancy, where more than 1 cm of fibroids should be treated in time; lactating women during pregnancy should also observe their own breast condition, once there is no obvious inflammation or touch the mass, It is best to visit a breast specialist.






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