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  Finance - Hong Kong's first shared bicycle company closed down Industry insiders: This industry is indeed 尴尬

  Every reporter Li Lei edited Xiao Xiaodong

  Recently, there is new news in the shared bicycle market: Gobee, the first shared bicycle company in Hong Kong. Bike announced that it will end its business in Hong Kong, and users can apply for a refund before August 10.

  The news was inundated in the massive reports that Xiaomi and Yingke had landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange last week, but the eye-catching "Daily Economic News" reporter found it at a glance.

  Business is only 15 months after the end of business

  The reporter is on this Gobee. The bike sharing bicycle company has another impression on entering the Hong Kong market. It was in April 2017, a year ago. It was not expected to last for 15 months from the business to the end of the operation. And its closure, let us see the epitome of some key events in this industry.

  According to public information, in February 2017, Raphael Cohen and Claude Ducharme co-founded Gobee. Bike, Hong Kong's "first local shared bicycle" was born. In April of that year, Gobee. Bike has launched 1,000 shared bicycles in Sha Tin and Tai po Districts of Hong Kong. After paying a deposit of HK$390, the hotel will charge HK$5 every 30 minutes.

  At that time, the two founders had optimistically estimated that more than 20,000 smart bicycles would be available for rent at the end of April 2017, and will increase to 300,000 bicycles by the end of 2017, covering most of Hong Kong.

  In Gobee. Just two months after the bike was launched, Chongqing’s shared bicycle company “Wukong Bicycle” announced its withdrawal from the market and became the first company in the industry to close down.

  Some practitioners commented on this history with the reporter of "Daily Economic News". "Chongqing is more suitable for boosting cars, all of which are hillsides."

  In fact, this year, a number of shared bicycle companies have launched the moped business, but at that time, Wukong bicycles seemed to believe that this evil was hard.

  So what about Hong Kong?

  There have been some experts in the industry who pointed out that Hong Kong is not suitable for the layout of shared bicycle business. First, Hong Kong's public transportation is developed. Metro, double-decker buses and minibuses have basically met the needs of most people. Shared bicycles are undertaken in Hong Kong. Can not play the role of the "last mile". Secondly, Hong Kong Island and the mountainous roads of Kowloon have no single-lane roadside traffic. Bicycle travel is not as convenient as the Mainland. Third, Hong Kong has few land and narrow roads. The sharing of bicycles is also facing serious parking problems.

  It sounds like the situation in Chongqing.

  The above-mentioned people also said that "riding in Hong Kong is relatively dangerous, and the Hong Kong market is small, the user base is not large, and it is also very unfavorable for profit. In addition, sharing bicycles is a heavy operation mode, which is a test of refined operations and Cost control. If these problems are not solved well, this ending is not surprising."

  Expanding overseas business after financing

  In a short working life, Gobee. Bike has received several financings, namely the seed round financing led by Swiss Founders Fund in April 2017, and the $9 million Series A financing from the Internet of Things fund Grishin Robotics in July of that year. Interestingly, after getting the A round of financing, the company said that it intends to use the funds for overseas expansion.

  This thing may have become Gobee. A turning point in the bike.

  On October 9, that year, Gobee was called "Little Green Car." Bike landed in France. There were media reports at the time, Gobee. The bike is in smooth weather in Europe, attracting 150,000 foreign users and hundreds of thousands of bicycles.

  However, the good times did not last long, and it didn't take long before the situation turned sharply. In February of this year, the company announced that it would stop its business in France, and there is information showing Gobee before this. Bike also announced its withdrawal from Italy. The company said that the reason is the cost of bicycles. "As of now (Editor's Note: February 2018) Gobee. Bike's European bicycles have damaged 3,200, and 1,000 have been illegally parked in someone's home."

  In fact, it is more than Gobee in the face of similar dilemmas. Bike. Recently, another domestic shared bicycle giant also reported that it has withdrawn from the Australian market, and its local operation time is less than one year.

  Another senior industry insider admitted to the "Daily Economic News" reporter, Gobee. The failure of bike in Hong Kong is related to terrain, but not the main one. “The main thing is to share the bicycle’s 'sea' is a pseudo-proposition, more of a capital story and a task. When the money is not burning, those places where offline operations are not good will be smashed. The banner circle map is not directed at the operation, so it won’t be played sooner or later.” The statement is quite straightforward and clear.

  For the giants, "can't play" is nothing more than withdrawing from the area. And for Gobee, which will mainly use financing to expand overseas business. For bike, things are not that simple. The loss of "opening up the territory", Hong Kong business is worrying, it is no wonder that its announcement said that "more than a year, our business has still not been profitable, and huge bicycle maintenance expenses make it difficult for us to continue to operate." Then there is no more, it is embarrassing.

  The above-mentioned insiders commented on the reporter that the industry is indeed quite awkward now, the merger is nowhere in sight, the capital begins to hesitate, and the giants are “individually in power”. He is not convinced that several companies in the industry have been sent out for financing and seeking listings. "Shared bicycles are an ecological supplement, not an ecological builder."

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