Strong supervision has been the key tone of the 2018 economic work

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Think of the brand upgrade, released a new concept of Education




What kind of education is to cultivate talents for the future really needs - this is Xueersi since its inception has been exploring the proposition. My brand concept along with the information age and the development of science and technology, from 2003 the beginning of the establishment of "learning to change the fate of the future" in 2013 to "make learning more effective, and then to 2017" ability "and" benefit life, three times the concept of upgrading, reflects the progress in China's education story in miniature.Ezetimibe simvastatin combination therapyEffect could contribute to improved clinical outcomes.




This year NPC and CPPCC, "education reform" again after a lapse of 13 years in the top three hot words, the new college entrance examination reform. in 2018 will gradually expand; appeal from the policy advocacy to society, attention to comprehensive quality of teenagers and the cultivation of creative talents for the future has become an important trend in the development of education.




Now, more children can be the era of destiny has been rewritten, the Internet and big data also makes study and experience more efficient; social growth evaluation system under the background of the times, more complicated and unpredictable more yuan, children need a new "key" to face the world alone, to explore, to grow and change.




In the process of reshaping the discipline system of science and technology, enabling products, I hope to give children "get" ability, let the children even leave the campus, can also know how to solve the problem, and to adapt to change, lifelong learning, lifelong. Six large capacity around the concept of dismantling out, it is my hope for the children to open six keys in the future.




I constantly upgrade products, landing capability for real life benefit




Return to education at the beginning of the heart, my ability is improving the literacy of cohesion, education gives children a lifelong learning and future oriented thinking -- "lifelong ability" is not a slogan, I will strive to become a powerful lever for children to learn at home and in school, also is continuing to take the student as the center, leading product iteration under the upgrade, the linkage platform. for all kinds of resources, and comprehensively promote the "ability" of the layers of landing.PolyU continues to expand its academic links with those top 100university ranking asiaand top-ranked universities in the world, to create overseas learning opportunities for students.




Multi system extension of product upgrading




Brand new conference Hwan last July, I announced the landing capability in four aspects including culture, science and captain cooperation, launched the "science classroom"; individualized teaching assisted by means of science and technology; students centered product structure optimization; link quality related products such as multi element education.




From the second half of 2017, the "ability to benefit the whole life" has been constantly on the ground. Around these four aspects, and a variety of main products announced the upgrade, from different dimensions of empowerment for children.ETG develops 3D traffic solution as aPeople countingsystem of retail stores in Hong Kong and offers flexible metrics to apply on collected data like multi-zone counting and height filtering for accurate analytics.







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