Put down - will be happy

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There is a businessman, although he has a lot of wealth, but he never felt happy.

See the child innocent smile, see the farmer simple smile, he felt very sad: what, what is the real happiness? How can i get real happiness?

I am tired of the life here, I want to the beautiful and mysterious distance to find my heart happy.

So he carried a lot of gold and silver treasure to the distance to find their own happiness.

He was carrying a heavy burden on the road, but he found himself go farther and more irritable, far away there is no imagination of his happiness.

Traveled thousands of miles of water, because he was carrying a heavy burden, along the way, tired of their own panting, there is no mood to enjoy the beauty of green mountains and rivers, there is no mood to experience the kind of leisurely wild crane quietly.

One day, when he was busy hurrying, he came up with a ragged farmer who sang a folk song and his face with a happy smile. He could not help but asked: "Look, you are so happy, why, you will be so happy?

"Yes, I feel very happy! I have just come back from my field, my seedlings grow taller; on the way back, I am lucky to pick up some of the firewood and mushrooms.

"I do not lack anything, I have a beautiful wife; a lot of children, you see my back back so much gold and silver treasures, but I just feel happy, you can tell me happy secret? "

The farmer is honest and honest: "Where is the secret of happiness? As long as you put down the things you can bear."

After listening to the farmer's words, businessmen suddenly wake up - indeed, they are so heavy gold and silver jewelry, waist almost pressed, and along the way has been secretive: stay at night afraid of being stolen; And worried about being robbed, things and more Shen, along the way, really physically and mentally exhausted, where there is any mood to enjoy the beauty of mountains and plains it?

If there is always a worry about the outcome, worry about the heart, how could it be happy?

In fact, carefully think about how much we and the businessman is similar, many of us have always felt that they are not happy, not happy, but we just forgot the most critical point: the control of the desire for life.

This is always a world full of desire.

Life is a moment of desire for the ocean.

Every day, every one of us is filled with aura in a variety of desires.

Their own, the outside world, the material, the spirit of the ... ... all aspects of the situation.

Newborn babies are happy; because they "their" thought is very simple.

Pure heart, simply treat yourself and others, simply treat the world, you will feel that people get along very simple, people a simple up, it is easy to become happy and satisfied, the satisfaction of life will get the soul Of pleasure and happiness.

Put down, will be happy.

Life can not be no desire, no desire for life as if there is no bright long night.

However, the desire to have a certain degree of reality and operability. Desire to be properly controlled in their own through a certain effort can achieve the goal above, the appropriate desire can bring us the happiness and satisfaction of life, we have to do is put down ambitious, put down the hearts of fame too chase, put down Those who do not belong to their own things, put down the hearts of the hindrance ... ... only put down the extra things, our luggage will become simple, in a hurry when the time, it will not "let our body go too fast, let us The soul always can not keep up.

Happy life, is a simple life.

The world was simple, and it was complicated for ourselves to make it artificial. In fact, their own simple, you see the world will feel very simple, their own simple, you see others will feel very simple.

When we hold our hands, we can not catch anything in our hands, but when we let go, we will find that the sun is full of the world in their own hands. Put down, release, will be happy. Heroes, such as Caesar the Great, when he left the world, let his hands spread out on the coffin: he is to tell the world, whether we are in front of wealth or right high, is the national dignitaries or ordinary people When we leave the world, are empty-handed and nothing can be taken away.

Put down, will be happy! Put down their own desires too much, we will be a lot easier, easy life, will be happy!






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