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I remember when I was five or six years old, our village appeared in the first Internet cafes, when I went to once or twice, inside a lot of people, there are sitting, there are standing, but obviously standing than sitting With more. Do not understand what they are doing, but because those who play the age of people generally larger than me, my heart will feel very tall look. I remember a scene that was particularly clear, a child's mother said: "my child for several days, every day to you, do not know what to do" , Internet cafes boss replied: "to the Internet myself, he now become a worm ! " I was also inadvertently heard, then talked about the content of their concern, but the net insects the word, because I feel tall, but I was from then on to write down reenex hgf.

Later on the junior high school, often listen to the students to talk about something that has never been heard before, for example, Westward Journey, Crescent, legend, a class, listen more, curiosity naturally slowly inflated, I will become Internet cafe guests. But after a variety of running, and ultimately with the red moon, the legend missed, but feel very interesting, far apart, can be linked to. And then later for various reasons, transfer to your school, away from home is relatively far, I began including high school, including up to five years of closed live school life, Internet cafes will not go.

Until the high school graduation, went to college, it seems that everything is liberated, began daily Internet cafes, games, chat, decadent seems to have a passionate life. At that time think less, do much, although did not do anything meaningful, but everything with the so-called youthful enthusiasm and vitality reenex hgf.

Then I graduated, left the school, into the so-called society. Began the life of the longest, but indispensable career. Every day nine to five, looks, and everyone else, busy, inner but extremely empty, monotonous, I do not know why the students do not understand what every day. But the time will not be forgiven for you because you are forgiving, no matter how you spend this day, the next day the sun is still the same as usual to rise in seconds.

I like most people, have a dream, but did not pay, empty every day, disease groaning, borrowing wine, through the virtual network to fill the inner black hole. In the period of extreme lack of heart, I have never been concerned about the things around and people, even if there is concern to show that it is only grandstanding, completely all in the trend of the ants, secular losers.

Slowly, with the growth of age, the baptism of life, I became quiet, from that once that a person walking out is silly behavior. of people who have become a person alone to the streets of the aimlessly stroll that person. I began to care about the spring roadside just till the willow, rainy rain in the fast passers-by, and the fall gradually yellowing green leaves, while my heart gradually tended to calm, slowly accepted every day nine to five plain.

In all these changes in the process, WeChat these network items slowly fade out of my world, often think of these things, memories are all mouse blind blind click, the page endless refresh, facing the screen, but Helpless and empty.

Later, I met you, in my own travel on the road, I will inexplicably think of you, the phone called the micro-app app into my heart the most pure of an exclusive space. Think of you, I will be very happy, that you go to work in the morning did not catch the bus, anxious to play to the company, but did not catch up early, I will feel very lost, get off work time, catch the rain, you have to Rain home, I will because of this distressed. Hear you say that life is suffering, I will be here inexplicable anxious, thinking that you can be happy.

My life because of your arrival, a lot of emotions, all kinds of taste, all kinds of emotions, I will not leave you, no matter what happens in the future, I will always be your loyalty powder, in the future when you need Will be covered with armor for you in the front overcoming all obstacles, next to you umbrella, for your shelter, pray in the distance silently, look at you happy reenex hgf, hope you happy.






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