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Buy a cute pair of pointed shoes
Whether you like to wear heels or flats, wearing pointed shoes is another way to create the illusion of longer legs. Pointed flats helps to make your feet appear longer and your legs lengthier, while pointed heels will double the height. If you are not a big fan of pointed shoes, then simply skip this tip.

Make your legs shine
Celebrities don’t have perfect legs, they just know how to make them look that way. Did you ever notice that almost every famous woman has insanely shiny legs? The trick is shiny legs always look longer and slimmer. Use a high quality bronzer or moisturizer to make your legs look shiny in a matter of 2-3 minutes.

Wear vertical striped pants
Depending on where you live, some summer days may be a bit cold, so short skirts and shorts won’t save you. When choosing jeans or pants, opt for those with vertical stripes. While horizontal stripes make your legs look wider, vertical stripes make them look longer.

Opt for nude heels
I hate heels, but when I need to create the illusion of longer legs, they become my best friends. I can’t wear super high heels, but if you are brave enough to wear a pair of very high heels, I envy you, ladies. The thing is, the higher heels you wear, the taller you will look. The only little trick to remember is to opt for nude heels instead of black or white ones. Nude heels usually look similar to the skin color, and trick the eye into believing that those heels are parts of your legs.






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