The first smart mirror you can actually buy focuses on your flaws

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What if the time you already spend in front of a mirror could make you the most beautiful person? Many smart mirrors already make this promise, but HiMirror is the first one you can actually buy, and it costs $189. The secret sauce comes in the form. of a camera that captures your au naturel visage to analyze your complexion, before offering you tips on how to get better skin neostrata gel plus.

It houses a 14-inch LCD screen and has a camera sitting in the middle of a ring flash, which helps light your face for better images. HiMirror snaps a picture of your face every day to analyze your wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles, red spots and pores, so that you can "take early measures to improve upon your skin and achieve your beauty goals."

In addition, HiMirror will play tutorial videos on proper skin-care techniques, stream music from Spotify and show you the weather forecast and UV index. You can also tell it the types of beauty products you use bicelle b5 gel, and it can determine whether they’ve been effective in treating your target areas. Adding a product to "Beauty Box" simply requires holding up its barcode to the camera and scanning it. It’s not clear yet how many brands and products this feature supports, but most big brands are recognized.

In fact, most of your interactions with HiMirror will involve the camera or the motion detector below the screen. Wave your hand to the right to slide to the next screen, and move your hand up or down to navigate options. You can press the buttons on the mirror’s right edge to toggle brightness, speaker volume or mode. You can also use voice commands to control the device, although the functions here are somewhat limited. You’ll always have to say the trigger phrase ("Hi Mirror, listen") before speaking a command, and the system doesn’t yet understand contextual follow-up questions.

The company also makes a smart scale that can be paired with the mirror which will measure your body weight and fat percentage, and send that information to the mirror (and your phone) 72 hours in Hong Kong. The mirror’s display will then play videos and dispense information on how to get to your goal weight.






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