The $1 billion real estate fund

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According to Hong Kong media reported on March 14th, Tang money holding non executive chairman Yuan Jingbo said the company, the company will gradually transition to the development focus of the real estate business, intends to set up a $1 billion (about $7 billion 800 million) of the investment fund, "The Belt and Road real estate projects.

According to the view, the real estate new media understands that Qian Tang's controlling shareholder is Zheng Songxing, chairman of Hua Nan City, formerly known as the jewelry of the people's livelihood. It was renamed in March 2017, and announced the establishment of the new business department of strategic investment and financial services. Qian Tang holdings was a British real estate agent at the end of last year. Yuan Jingbo, a non executive chairman, once expressed his wish to transform. Qian Tang holdings from jewelry wholesale business to Real Estate Company through his experience in many years of real estate market.

In addition, Qian Tang Holdings said that the company will review the business later this year, and the business that is not up to the standard or the slower growth will gradually fade out.

The point of real estate new media access to that money holding Tang at the beginning of this year to HK $76 million acquisition of a London residential projects, the project includes 49 Apartments (each apartment for a period of 999 years, according to the independent property rights holder) and 31 parking spaces, is expected to be completed in 2020, the project total investment amounted to 66 million 207 thousand pounds (about HK $722 million, 583 million RMB).






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