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ID card wrong fill early retirement for two months. Son afraid of my blind touch, chaos toss asked: "The students invite you to play the heat to you?" I said, "try, say." Today's 60th birthday is going to work.

After getting up, his wife morning to send me to two kilometers outside the company. Wife jogging, I then brisk walking. Morning mist, looking at his wife's proud posture, happiness by the students however. Think of sixty years old, although not rich. But the health, mentality of the sun, family harmony. Enough for me to enjoy this life. What is the demand?

Breakfast in the noodle shop. To a bowl of my favorite noodles, two eggs. Wife eat eggs, drink soup with me. When the same with a bowl, the boss exposed disdain of the eyes. I thought, sample! To my age your wife can you with a bowl with it?

After eating, his wife said, "noon to see" to leave. I bring headphones, whistle version of 'Scarborough Fair' ethereal melody, blocking the noise of the crowd to work. To work in a passionate atmosphere, I want to be quiet.

Several companies with the entrepreneurial dream of 80 after the formation. Targeting the new industry special accessories shortage of business opportunities, development, procurement, distribution. Business is hot. Due to lack of experience, nuclear, Jian Li confusion. I went to the development of management system; to cut the Gordian knot, reduce nuclear means. Trial run Qi praise: "ginger is still the old spicy." Steal hi, proud. Today announced the implementation, we listened to me operating rules. With the WeChat, the phone sounded, all like to fight the chicken blood excitement. Subsequently, the computer, the printer tick tick sound chaos, will not be carried out. Sun's three-year-old said: "Uncle Hu, anxious, as you say." Only the print out of the individual registered.

At noon, my wife and I came to "working canteen." Restaurant to accommodate more than 100 people, dozens of cooked dishes on the burden of rice, free rice. 10 yuan to eat. We chose 16 yuan dishes, and the other to a hot pot and a small bottle of fresh wine, slowly goods with. Left a few students engaged in promotional heated debate. On the right two porters, a bottle of wine free to drink, Kan with mountains. Half of the wine, one said: "busy afternoon" to close the bottle; another person said: "also almost do not drink boring. And 酙 point, the remaining wine on the boss said, "keep tomorrow drink." Look at my envious eyes, his wife said, "greedy - like, birthday you put a horse, plus a bottle.

Wine good meal, came to the green belt. When leaning against the flower bed to open limbs in the sun, that in this lively and relaxed atmosphere to drink wine, to a large crowd under the lazy sun is really enjoy. Think of all these years, suits and ties, out of luxury restaurants, after eating tired body, the heart is also tired. See the rest of the table full of food, heartache, there is a sense of guilt; wine is not the sex, the case of high-duty, want to drink other people can not drink misconduct; case duty is low, do not want to drink to persuade you to drink. Either did not drink well, or into a drunk; wine on the table are modestly hypocritical Mandarin, each flattering, they feel nausea. Is the work needs to die, or things difficult to do, people can not mix.

Now brake "four winds". Colleagues are happy? Lost? No eating habits? Can not hear Christine, then, to find an official feel? I want to be sure someone is lost. Civil servants gradually reduced privilege, welfare reduction, gray income to eliminate. A lot of people are going to sea. I believe that the ability to endure hardship Chuang Chuang, Tai Fook may be expensive, poor ability, afraid to endure hardship mixed with is also good. Anyway, there are many idlers.

Afternoon, the remaining Chen. Said to me: "high-speed rail site are in urgent need of accessories to the factory, is sleepless nights." I asked, "Every day?" She said "not a ghost, every day overtime boyfriend has been dug." I asked, "Why do white-collar workers quit their business?" She said, "People can live a rich life." I was stupid, not convinced! "The door of wealth has been opened. Get lost at the same time a lot, some will not be able to make up for life, the value of it? The children did not sleep for three days. I added in the rectification plan, "pay attention to rest, can not use health for wealth."

After get off work, I walk through large tracts of farmland to go home. [Ma Xiangyang countryside] The theme song "Dreamer", playing with my peers. I and Ma Xiangyang are organs out. Ma Xiangyang is organized to help farmers out of poverty. I arranged for my son to help students start. I can be the same as Ma Xiangyang dream with people walking it? Recall, I have repeatedly initiation of the idea of ​​the sea. The end result of reluctant to "golden rice bowl" mediocre mixed. Fear and fear to the end of a mixed pay Section; management, handling thousands of thousands of funds, but also often dilemma. "I am stupid do not convinced ah." Feel that I am restless. The sun slowly fell, the shadow of my old pull, no sun, such as blood. But shot a few rays Xiaguang. The earth and I drew a touch of makeup.

In the evening, a family to enjoy the characteristics of snacks Xiangyang North Street. When the baby grandson holding lamb skewers said, "Grandpa clink, happy birthday", the heart suddenly turned up sorrow and grief. Grandpa left no wealth, but also in front of his companions Yao Yao. In his brain grandfather is an alcoholic? Lazy snakes? Bungy pig? I do not know.

Taste the food, we along the Millennium ancient city walls, to see the Han River night. The other side of the high-rise buildings in Lilin building piece of light, like the starry gravel of the Milky Way; the Han River Bridge, the arch half-shaped cable with a rainbow after rain; the second bridge, lights such as molten iron; Along the road on the street, the neon lights colorful business. Night to enjoy the lights to show their style.

Now, days, geography, people and have. Why do not I show? To the baby grandson I want to use the pen to record the real me; to the community to prove my value. Let him know grandfather ordinary but not mediocre. When my son asked me how to plan, I touched the Sun Sun Tou said, "I want to fight a few years of work, save some money to the Yu Yu then daughter," grandson said: "I do not, daughter-in-law hit me? Earn more money, find a wife who does not hit people "

Think carefully, five times the national census, by 2020, men in marriage age more than women more than 30 million. Is the newborn baby men and women than 117: 100. There are many girls looking for success uncle. According to expert estimates, in the future there are more than 50 million bachelor. Grandson money can not find a wife? Really worry about. The poor children only struggle, by good luck!

Xia Xiang! Xia Xiang! My grandson was so smart that he could not find his wife.






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