The initial sales target of Xu Hui in 2018 is 140 billion yuan

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Xuhui Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. disclosed in March 14th noon. As of the end of December 31, 2017, the Group recorded a contract sales volume of RMB 104 billion yuan, an increase of 96.2% compared with 2016. In 2017, the sales amount of contracts belonging to the rights of the group was 55 billion yuan, up 88.4% from 2016. The contract sales recorded in 2017 were more than 30% over the adjusted annual contract sales target of 80 billion yuan.

The group's annual sales target for the first half of 2018 has been set at 140 billion yuan, which is about 35% yuan, compared with the 2017 sales contract, said Lin Zhong, the chairman of Xuhui holding group.

He said: "because of the results of investment in land buying in 2017, we have already stocked enough available resources. In order to cope with the tight policy environment of the first and second line cities, we have effectively diversified the land reserves and covered more than 40 cities in different regions. Besides our first and second tier cities, our land reserve now covers more and more three tier cities or other cities that are relatively regulated by real estate. In view of our sufficient available resources and conservative sales hypothetical assumptions, we are confident that we can reach the annual sales target in 2018the pavilia bay. "

According to the new real estate media, in 2017, xahui Holding Group acquired the rights of 78 new projects, and the group should share a total of 45 billion 200 million yuan. In terms of the land acquired in 2017, the group took advantage of a variety of acquisition channels, including public land sale, private acquisition and old city transformation.

According to Lin's theory, during the year, the group has entered 18 new strategic cities strategically, expanding the regional coverage of the group and distributing them to all cities, thus enhancing the regional and provincial penetration of the group.






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