reduce the risk of heart disease in the elderly

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Vascular function is closely related to tissue fibrin lysogen activator (t-pa), a protein that dissolves clots and e-selectin, which attaches to cells when inflammation occurs.

The researchers studied cholesterol by examining leptin and adiponectin. Leptin is a hormone that prevents us from getting too hungry or full, while adiponectin controls blood sugar levels and the breakdown of fatty acids.

The researchers found that for every 10 minutes of moderate-to-high-intensity activity, male volunteers' leptin levels decreased by 3.7 percent, while women's leptin levels decreased by 6.6 percent. In addition, low-intensity activity every 10 minutes reduced t-pa levels in both male and female volunteers by 0.8 percent. But when no activity was taken within 10 minutes, the level of il-6 increased by 0.6% in men and 1.4% in women.

Dr Ahmed Elhakeem, a senior research associate at the university of Bristol and senior author of the study, said: "" these biomarkers that we are focused on are rarely studied, but studies have shown that they can predict cardiovascular disease episodes and deaths.

Studies have shown that sedentary adults have a detrimental effect on their vascular endothelial cells. Vascular endothelial dysfunction has been found to be a sign of a heart attack, as it can cause blood vessels to fail to expand sufficiently, according to research at cedars-sinai medical center in Los Angeles. As a result, physical activity in people over 60 can increase blood vessel function and reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease.

Dr Elhakeem said the 60-to-64 age range is an important transition from work to retirement and a time when lifestyle. trends tend to change, as well as a time to increase physical activity. In addition, older adults are at higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and it is important to recognize the role of exercise during this period in reducing the risk of disease.






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