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On September 11, premier li keqiang visited the state administration of market supervision and held a symposium, pointing out that it is necessary to constantly optimize the business environment that is fair, equitable and non-discriminatory, further energize the market and provide strong support for promoting steady economic growth. We will deepen reform. of the commercial system and further relax market access so that market players will have more opportunities for development. We will increase support to enterprises of all types of ownership, especially small and micro businesses, and promote their competitiveness and employment. The executive meeting of the state council held on September 12 proposed a series of specific measures to improve the business environment, including simplifying the examination and approval process, relaxing access and separating licenses.

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private economy and small and micro businesses are the important foundation of China's economic development and the "main force" in creating and stabilizing employment. Against the background of complicated domestic and international situation and great downward pressure on the economy, it is more necessary to develop and strengthen the private economy, stabilize employment and fundamentally boost domestic demand. The strong domestic demand brought by the strong private economy and small and micro businesses is the mainstay to achieve a stable domestic economy and withstand the impact of external risks.

According to li's research and a series of talks with the state administration of market supervision, optimizing the business environment is an important way to develop and strengthen the private economy and help small and micro businesses, as well as an internal requirement to further realize China's stable economy. To fundamentally optimize the business environment and create a fair, fair and upright market environment, the key lies in the government's innovation of service mode, the supervision and regulation should be relaxed and strict, and the relationship between "management" and "release" should be handled well.

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In a healthy business environment, the government should play the role of a service provider, and realize that regulation is a service aimed at enterprises, so as to better guarantee the development of enterprises. After a new round of institutional reform. of the state council, the state administration of market supervision has become the core institution of market supervision, and is on the front line of the market, dealing directly with individual industrial and commercial businesses and small, medium and micro-sized enterprises. To do a good job in the supervision of hundreds of millions of individual businesses and small, medium and micro-sized enterprises, we should first adhere to the attitude of service, go deep into the middle of small and micro-sized enterprises, observe their development facts and win their trust. We need to innovate ways of supervision and keep the market under control. As li said, the state administration of market supervision should be a good "referee" in the socialist market economy, striving for "golden whistle", not blowing "black whistle", and doing its best to reduce "false whistle".

In particular, the innovation and optimization of the business environment requires the concerted efforts of all government departments. From the perspective of regulatory authorities, innovative regulatory approaches should adhere to the principle of "inclusiveness and prudence". The so-called "tolerance" is to adopt an inclusive attitude towards new business forms that are more unknown than known. As long as they do not touch the safety bottom line, innovation should be encouraged. The so-called "prudence" has two meanings. One is that when new business forms come into being, they should not be "administered to death" immediately, but should be given a "observation period". Second, we need to strictly abide by the basic rules and the bottom line of security. We need to strictly regulate and punish those who seek money, commit fraud, commit fraud, commit fake or substandard products, and infringe on intellectual property rights. In fact, innovation supervision means to be lenient and strict, giving time and space to new energy and new business forms and leaving those who break the law and discipline helpless.

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In addition to regulatory departments, other government departments should make full use of technology and data to innovate service modes and optimize the business service environment in their respective fields. public services, for example, can use of Internet technology, to promote "health" Internet + + education "" the Internet" Internet + health care and other services, fully realizing the public service online, examination and approval service standardization, the construction of unified government affairs consulting report complaints platform, improve the efficiency of the enterprise for the public service and availability. The customs and foreign trade departments can make efforts to promote trade facilitation by implementing the "one-stop sunshine price" list, the "one door" for trade services, and the "four from one simple" supervision model for special customs supervision areas.

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