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Google Cloud AutoML since January this year, has been widely applied, have been using the developed image to identify the ramen program, and recently, a creative company Redpepper with its developed an interesting mechanical arm system, the system can be the most popular in the eyesight test series of children's books in finding Waldo through facial recognition AI to find Waldo.

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According to qingting, Redpepper's arm system is the Raspberry pi microcomputer controlled uARm Swift pro arm, which is equipped with Vision camera equipment with facial recognition. The system's search process for Waldo is to use the OpenCV computer Vision library to match Waldo's face on the page after the face recognition camera takes the book's page, and then send the face identified to the Google custom image recognition system AutoML Vision for analysis (specifically, the AutoML Vision trained with the Waldo photo). If a system analysis finds more than 95% similarity in the images, the robotic arm will point out.

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Redpepper creative technical expert Matt Reed explained in the mail, all for training AutoML Vision images from Google image search, including 62 kinds of Waldo's image and 45 Waldo figure of the head and body, although the quantity is not much, but the actual operation, even identify training outside this Mosaic Waldo accuracy is high. In addition, he said he was inspired to develop a cartoon version of the Rekognition, a tool for identifying celebrities on amazon's AWM platform. And it was the first time he used AutoML, and he spent about a week writing python to make this arm program.

Although the technology looks and feels like cheating, if Waldo can be found so easily, it will lose its significance, so Redpper wants to show more of the power of AutoML, and may be able to use this AI technology to identify similarities between people and cartoon images in the future, or even to identify comics plagiarism.

plus, Redpepper's prototype, which can find Waldo in as little as 4.45 seconds, is more capable than most 5-year-olds.

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