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If you did like me, it looks like you would take my hand. I wish you would.”

There!” Galt forced a laugh as he took the soft, pulsating little fingers into his. As flesh touched flesh a thrill as of new life throbbed and bounded through him, and again he had the yearning to clasp his son to his breast as a woman would have donereenex. As it was, no lover could have felt the touch of the hand of his mistress with keener, more awed delight. At one time, in a talk with Bearing, Galt had argued that even parental love was merely a physical function, like hunger for food, but that had been before this perplexing awakening. They had reached the front steps of the great house. An impulse he could not have analyzed led Galt to think of lifting the boy from the ground to the floor of the veranda, and he held out his arms. The child Sprang into them; his little arm went round the man’s neck, and thus the steps were ascendedreenex facial. Was it a lingering pressure of affection in Lionel’s arm that kept Galt from lowering him to the carpet when they had entered the great hall? He was sure he would put him down as they entered the library, but again he refrained, for the magnitude and splendor of the room had actually startled the child.

Oh!” Lionel exclaimed, his eyes first on the great crystal chandelier, then on the gilt-framed pier-glass reaching from the floor to the ceiling.

Why, what is the matter?” Galt asked, holding him tighter.

I did not know it was so beautiful, so grand!” Lionel cried. This room alone is as large as our whole house. Ah! is that the sword your father killed men with? And will you please let me see it? Could I hold it, just once?”

I am afraid it is too heavy for you,” Galt said, as he reached for the heavy sabre in its carved brass scabbard and took it down from a hook under his father’s portrait. It wasn’t made for little hands like yours. You’d have to grow a lot before you could use itsummer internship .”

Lionel stood down on the floor as the sword was put into his hands. He made a valiant effort to flourish the unwieldy blade as he thrust and lunged at an imaginary enemy. Boom! Boom!” he cried, his eyes flashing, Boom! t-r-r-r boom!”

Oh, you’ve killed them—they are as dead as doornails!” Galt laughed, impulsively. Now your men will have a pretty time picking all those corpses up in an ambulance.”






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