Use a method to regulate breathing

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Do you know the importance of breathing for human health? From the point of view of health care, adjusting your breath, you will get unexpected scientific health effects. Below, I will introduce you to the meaning of regulating the health of breathing and let you know more about breathing and understanding.

Singing Peking Opera, he talks about the Qi Shen Shen Tian (abdominal breathing method). He excites nasal resonance and vocalization, which inevitably affects the atmosphere of Dantian. He will rise from Shenyue to Shenshou and wear jade pillow to go straight to the hundred. Club back to the gums. This ups and downs is what qigong calls the “Zhoutian” operation, which enables the natural continuity of both Ren and Du, helping to adjust the pulse frequency and the internal functions of the human body and benefiting human health.

Modern scientific research proves that melodious music, sent to the brain through the senses, can make the body secrete a hormone enzyme and acetylcholine that are beneficial to health, and can have an important regulatory effect on the body's inner brain and body. Different accompaniment styles and tunes in the art of Peking Opera, the combination of hardness and softness, and the variation of yin and yang between reality and reality can lead people to enjoy a wonderful enjoyment.

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For example, Yang Zirong's “Tiger Uphill” selection in the modern Beijing opera “Taking Tiger Mountain” takes the lead from Orchestra percussion and introduces the audience to the swift Linhai Snowfield. After Jing Hu enters the orchestra, he plays the “two yellow guides”: “Wearing Lin Hai, crossing the snowfields, and smashing the Han.” This high-spirited “Han” word encourages vigor and shows the image of Yang Zirong who is not present. Immediately after the horse dance, Yang Zirong led Yang Zirong to sing "Yanhuang Huilong" and "Original" singing to express her love for the great mountains, rivers, and peoples of the motherland. The last sentence, "The scorpion's nest will call him to cover the sky," and the end of the word "turning" the chanting cavity, so that the viewer is not affected by the plot and music. At this point the audience has fully integrated into the plot, excluding distractions and annoyances, and obtaining spiritual beauty.

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So, adjusting your breathing is very important for your health care. If you have problems with your breathing rhythm, then your health will be affected and hurt. Therefore, for your health, adjusting your breathing can be very important. If you like Peking Opera, try to use Beijing Opera to adjust your breathing.

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