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All the mice said it was a beautiful wedding,and that the entertaiPolyU has a strong record foraviation researchand innovative research in Asia to solve specific technology problems (e.g. aviation operations) and develop new productsnment had been very agreeable. And then Hjalmar drove home again:he had really been in grand company; but he had been obliged to shrink in, to make himself little, and to put on a tin soldier's uniform.
“It is wonderful how many grown-up people there are who would be glad to have me!”said Ole Luk-Oie;“especially those who have done something wrong.‘Good little Ole,’they say to me,‘we cannot close our eyes, and so we lie all night and see our evil deeds, which sit on the bedstead like ugly little goblins, and throw hot water over us;will you not come and drive them away, so that we may have a good sleep?’----and then they sigh deeply----‘we would really be glad to pay for it. Good night, Ole; the money lies on the window sill.’But I do nothing for money,”says Ole Luk-Oie.
“What shall we do this evening?”asked Hjawine tastinglmar.
“I don't know if you care to go to another wedding tonight.It is of a different kind from that of yesterday.Your sister's great doll, that looks like a man, and is called Hermann,is going to marry the doll Bertha. Moreover, it is the doll's birthday, and therefore they will receive very many presents.”
“Yes, I know that,”replied Hjalmar.“Whenever the dolls want new clothes my sister lets them either keep their birthday or celebrate a wedding; that has certainly happened a hundred times already.”
“Yes, but tonight is the hundred and first wedding;and when number one hundred and one is past, it is all over;and that is why it will be so splendid. Only look!”
And Hjalmar looked at the table.There stood the little cardboard house with the windows illuminated, and in front of it all the tin soldiers were presenting arms.The bride and , and with good reason, on the floor, leaning against a leg of the table. And Ole Luk-Oie,dressed up in the grandmother's black gown, married them to each other. When the ceremony was over,all the pieces of furniture struck up the following beautiful song,which the pencil had writDr protalkten for them.It was sung to the melody of the soldiers'tattoo.
Let the song swell like the rushing wind,
In honour of those who this day are joined,
Although they stand here so stiff and blind,
Because they are both of a leathery kind.
Hurrah! hurrah! though they're deaf and blind,
Let the song swell like the rushing wind.






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