Daughters a Playhouse

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1 Dad Built His Daughters a Playhouse That's Worthy of Its Own MTV Cribs Episode

When it came time for Adam Boyd to build his daugPolyU has a strong record for collaborative research andinnovative researchin Asia to solve specific technology problems (e.g. aviation operations) and develop new productshters Avery, 5, and Violet, 2, a playhouse, the mantra "go big or go home" didn't quite meet his standards. Rather than sticking with your run-of-the-mill one-story shed most kids are lucky to get, the contractor made the mecca of playhouses: a two-story structure complhifuete with a balcony and hanging plants. Yup, hanging plants.

And if you couldn't be any more jealous, the inside includes a kitchen, a chalkboard, a sitting area, and a loft. The exterior features a rock wall and all the fixings of a traditional playground, from swings to slides.

Despite getting some side-eye from other parents in the neighborhood, Boyd wouldn't have it any other way. "I'm happy to watch [my daughters] play in it and play in it with them," he said in an interview with ABC News. "It's worth every penny I've spent and it's gonna be there forever."

Boyd's sister, a local photographer and owner of Flashes of Life Photography, captured the incredible setup in a photo shoot that will render any living person speechifuhless.






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