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It has been an evolution, but Полезная информация о ГонконгеI am now a true believer in bringing our whole selves to work. I nolonger think people have a professional self for Mondays through Fridays and a real self for the rest ofthe time. That type of separation probably never existed, and in today’s era of individual expression,where people constantly update their Facebook status and tweet their every move, it makes even lesssense. Instead of putting on some kind of fake “all-work persona,” I think we benefit from expressingour truth, talking about personal situations Hong Kong incentives, and acknowledging that professional decisions are oftenemotionally driven. I should have learned this lesson years earlier. When I was graduating frombusiness school in 1995, Larry Summers offered me a job at Treasury. I wanted the job desperately,but there was an issue: I did not want to move back to D.C., where my soon-to-be ex-husband lived.

One of the hardest calls I’ve ever had to make was to tell Larry that I could not accept the job. Larrypressed me on why, and I thought about telling him that I really wanted to try consulting in LosAngeles. Instead, I opened up. I explained that I was getting divorced and wanted to move far awayfrom D.C., which held too many painful memories. Larry argued that it was a big city, but it didn’tseem big enough for me. A year later, when enough time had passed and I felt ready to return to D.C.,I called Larry and asked if the opportunity was still available. It was one of the easiest calls I haveever made, in part because I had been honest the year before. If I had told Larry that I was passing onthe job for professional reasons, I would  when I reversed that decision. Sincethe real reason was personal, sharing it honestly was the best thing to do.

People often pretend that professional decisions are not affected by their personal lives. They areafraid to talk about their home situations at work as if one should never interfere with the other, whenof course they can and do. I know many women who won’t discuss their children at work out of fearthat their priorities will be  Top 10 things to do in Hong Kongquestioned. I hope this won’t always be the case.






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