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This Mom Dresses Culture Costumes Every Day — and We're Not Worthy

Although most of us can't even wrap our heads around creating one DIY costume for our kids to wear on Halloween, for the last two years, Lauren Mancke has wowed us with the pop culture costumes she created for her son Fox to wear every day in October. However, since welcoming twin girls Lera Wren and Marigold Elle in January 2017, the mom's daily costume-making focus has shifted to the 10-month-old babies.

"Most of these are characters from our favorite movies, books, and television shows — and we've made sure to include some classic female duos," Lauren told POPSUGAR. Adding, when asked about her DIY process: "I usually make the day's costume the night before and some in the morning (I work well under pressure!). The supplies are usually clothes we already own or have borrowed from friends, craft supplies, and pieces of old costumes that have been repurposed. Then we take the pictures when they wake up from their first nap, when they are happy and in a good mood."

Lauren, who's loved making her own Halloween costumes since she was a little kid, says that the main reason she creates daily costumes is because they make her family and others happy, and because the twins have been "a shining light in what has been a difficult year for our family."

"After taking eight weeks of maternity leave (my employer suggested four weeks), I was laid off from my position as Vice President of a website development company shortly after I returned to work," Lauren said. "With my husband being a student and stay-at-home dad for the past few years, we were left with no income and three under 3 to provide for. However, I will never regret putting my family first. Everyone says that the first year with twins is survival mode and with us it has been doubly so. So for October I just wanted to do something fun, something that we can do together as a family."

From Abbi and Ilana of Broad City to Thelma and Louise, Marigold and Lera have sported some of the most adorable and creative costumes so far. Scroll through them ahead and stay tuned for new ones every day in October (and for what Fox settles on dressing up as this year)!






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