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Photo Shoot Outfits That Aren't Too "Matchy-Matchy"

Despite how painful family photo shoots can be, I am a stickler about scheduling one or two every single year. Sure, I want to capture the fleeting, chubby-cheeked moments of my kids' childhoods, but to be honest, I also want a kick-ass holiday card. Don't ask me why it's so important to me; it just freaking is. And I've learned that the key to getting that perfect card doesn't just lie with the mom hacks I've discovered to make our family photo shoots run more smoothly (though they'll ensure you don't need a bucket of wine after you're done).

The other thing that will take your card from meh to truly marvelous? Wardrobe! After seven years of styling my kids, my husband, and myself to look like our best, happiest, and most fashionable selves, I've learned that finding the perfect outfits — the ones that don't look too matchy-matchy (seriously, don't even think about pulling out the jeans and white button-down shirts) but also don't look like you're a random group of strangers who happen to be posing together — takes some time and skill.

Keep reading to see what I've come up with throughout the years, and take the guesswork out of getting your own family dressed for this year's holiday photo shoot.






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