Precautions for set up of direct ingesting water device

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1. Check out the water inlet pressure.

two. Set up the cleanse faucet (optional).

3. Drinking water inlet, clear h2o outlet and drain outlet pipeline relationship.

four. The drinking watera purifier is fastened.

five. Soon after set up, use inspection of h2o purifier and link pipeline inspection.

You will discover 3 ways to attach the drain outlet in the water purifier when it really is set up from the cabinet:

1. Another gap is drilled to the cupboard table, in addition to a 4-point tap is included to hook up with the drain outlet with the h2o purifier.

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two. Rather of drilling holes about the cupboard table, exchange the original faucet that has a specifically built two pipe faucet, two pipes are connected on the purified h2o outlet with the h2o purifier, and 4 pipes are linked for the drain outlet in the drinking water purifier.

three. Usually do not drill holes around the cupboard desk, set up a ball valve for the drain outlet with the h2o purifier, or guidebook the drain outlet for the sewer pipe.

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