I decided to mind to wait in.

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And if a man makes you a present of a salmon, you mustn't repay him with a shrimp. It's got to be with an equally larg? salmon - larger if possible, so that then you've jumped the man, and now he has an ON with regard to you, and you're quids in morally, socially and spiritually - and the last one's the most important. Well now. Tiger's ON towards me is a very powerful one, very difficult to discharge.

He's paid little slices of it off with various intelligence dopeageLOC Me. He's paid off another big slice by accepting your presence here and giving you an interview so soon after your arrival. If you'd been an ordinary supplicant, -it might have taken you weeks. He'd have given you a fat dose of shikiri-naoshi - that's making you wait, giving you the great stone face. The sumo wrestlers use it in the ring to make an opponent look and feel small in front of the audience. Got it? So you start with that in your favour. He would be predisposed to do what you want because that would remove all his ON towards me and, by his accounting, stick a whole packet of ON on my back towards him. But it's not so simple as that. All Japanese have permanent ON towards their superiors, the Emperor, their ancestors and the Japanese gods. This they can only discharge by doing "the right thing". Not easy, you'll say .

Because how can you know what the higher echelon thinks is the right thing? Well, you get out of that by doing what the bottom of the ladder thinks right - i.e. your immediate superiorsageLOC Me. That passes the buck, psychologically, on to the , Emperor, and he's got to make his peace with ancestors and gods. But that's all right with him, because he embodies all the echelons above him, so he can get on with dissecting fish, which is his hobby, with a clear conscience. Got it? It's not really as mysterious as it sounds. Much the same routine as operates in big corporations, like ICI or Shell, or in the Services, except with them the ladder stops at the Board of Directors or the Chiefs of Staff. It's easier that way. You don't have to involve the Almighty and your great-grandfather in a decision to cut the price of aspirin by a penny a bottle .'
SoJun is, for the first time, and clearly is otherwise specified, a temple to be forgiven
And and my , Which is either a good patience.
SoJun comes to night, I slept in the boat floating in the lake. And
On, we decided to mind to wait in the temple of the temple in the morning.
In this way, four or five days have passed.
One morning, SoJun as usual, was in the temple of the temple. Then, came out with her disciples. Looking at the SoJun,
"This pre-shaved, still Do not have, away with the water on topped"
I went went out to say so.
Disciples have really have a water, Hara chase on topped the SoJun
I thought the king, but SoJun is not surprised to such a thing
. In, water
And sink the mind is better to put a,
"In this place's, is better not to touch"
Once, it would retracted sayingreenex.
When  is try back in the afternoon, SoJun will continue to sit on the temple by spoofing
is.  also the first time,
(The priest, a little Do not different with the ordinary man)
So did not want to not think.
I say so "would be nice If you enter". "Yes"
Carefully lower the head, SoJun laughed To pleasantly smiling.






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