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Advancing youth sports guidance team building

1. Continue to implement the National PE Traditional School Physical Education Teacher Training Program.

Sports and education departments at all levels shall, according to the requirements of the "Five-year Plan for Physical Education Teachers Training in the National Traditional Sports Project Schools (2016-2020)", carry out the training of PE teachers in schools for traditional sports in the region and continuously improve their professional abilities.

2. Vigorously implement the training program of grassroots coaches.

Sports departments at all levels should, in accordance with the requirements of the national coaches overall training program, actively carry out the training of grassroots coaches and improve coaches' coaching skills by training grassroots coaches of all sports.

3. Strengthen the training of young sports managers.

Extensively carry out training for management personnel such as sports associations, traditional sports schools, youth sports clubs, youth outdoor sports camps and youth off-campus physical activity centers, and improve the professional standards of young sports managers.

4. Establish youth sports instructor team.

Encourage sports tutors, coaches, referees, retired athletes and sports enthusiasts and other talents to obtain social sports instructors (youths) qualifications through training so as to provide advices and services for youngsters to carry out physical exercises and enhance sports skills outside schools.

Strengthen the Scientific Research and Popularization of Youth Science






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