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  anza and member on the College of Health cience were able to look at pupil accomplih a health care demontration over a new high-fidelity manikin -that utilized to enablemulate clinical, urgical or medical eventualitie.

  The new high-tech manikin permit college tudent to oberve  from regime condition to life-aving epiode.

  Watch the photo higher than for cene from your tour.

Certificationnursing education hong kongis not that difficult

  A ection of our education and learning column,n cla, we've been highlighting ome of the activitie tatenland pupil are engagedn -both of thoenide and outide the claroom.

  Here a look at ome additional the latet education-related happening.

  tatenland Attain Buck for tudent -the nearby chapter of cholarhip America pound for tudent method -now accepting purpoe fort once-a-year higher education cholarhip ytem.

  The non-profit deliver four-year cholarhip, and energetic mentorhip to all graduating tatenland highchool pupil. Award are equally needand merit-baed.

  Conidering thatt had been founded by Michael, patrick and Kathy Ryann 2005, the chapter ha awarded greater than $900,000 to 110 pupil -by uing a cholarhip retention rate of jut about 90 %.

  The award recognize many achievement of tatenland tudent, whichncludendividual who have get overmportant peronal hurdle, demontrate potentialn TEM a well a other field, and thoe that are uperb college tudent athlete.

  Thi yr, the buine will award no le than 7 four-year cholarhip, rangingn worth from $1,000 to $20,000.

  A few of thoe yearly award are provided by chool-pecific partnerhip with Moore Catholic High chool, Notre Dame Academy and uan Wagner Highchool.

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