the mother after her

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Rennet Cousin grasped the young girl by the middle of her body, beneath her beautiful shoulders.When she felt that hand, she cried, "Heuh!" and fainted.The executioner who was shedding large tears upon her Jingling the change in his hand he shook his head, drop by drop, was about to bear her away in his arms.He tried to detach the mother, who had, so to speak, knotted her hands around her daughter's waist; but she clung so strongly to her child, that it was impossible to separate them.Then Rennet Cousin dragged the young girl outside the cell.The mother's eyes were also closed .

At that moment, the sun rose, and there was already on the place a fairly numerous assembly of people who looked on from a distance at what was being thus dragged along the pavement to the gibbet.For that was provost Tristan's way at executions.He had a passion for preventing the approach of the curious.

There was no one at the windows.Only at a distance, at the summit of that one of the towers of Notre-Dame which commands the Grève, two men outlined in black against the light morning sky, and who seemed to be looking on, were visible.

Rennet Cousin paused at the foot of the fatal ladder, with that which he was dragging, and, barely breathing, with so much pity did the thing inspire him, he passed the rope around the lovely neck of the young girl.The unfortunate child felt the horrible touch of the hemp.She raised her eyelids, and saw the fleshless arm of the stone gallows extended above her head.Then she shook herself and shrieked in a loud and heartrending voice: "No! no!I will not!" Her mother, whose head was buried and concealed in her daughter's garments, said not a word; only her whole body could be seen to quiver, and she was heard to redouble her kisses on her child.The executioner took advantage of this moment to hastily loose the arms with which she clasped the condemned girl.Either through exhaustion or despair, she let him have his way.Then he took the young girl on his shoulder, from which the charming creature hung, gracefully bent over his large head.Then he set his foot on the ladder in order to ascend.






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