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Hong Kong Observatory adds real-time temperature information and facts from Clear Water Bay

The Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) announced right now (20 December) that it has started out providing real-time air temperatures with the Clear Water Bay automatic weather station.

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The Clear Water Bay automatic weather station, located within the Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club at Clear Water Bay peninsula in Sai Kung District, provides real-time temperature data for organisers and participants of watersports, course training and competitions during the vicinity. It is also close to hiking and tourist hotspots this kind of as Tung Lung Chau, po Toi O and Clear Water Bay Country park. Real-time temperature info enables members on the public to far better comprehend the most recent weather situations inside the region for planning their trips.

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cwb climate station 1
Screen shot showing location of the new weather station
A spokesman with the Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club reported, ???We hugely welcome and support the HKO in providing real-time temperature information of your Clear Water Bay automatic weather conditions station, which is vital to members in the public, as effectively as organisers and players of the range of activities and competitions.??¨¤


The Clear Water Bay automatic climate station delivers the newest temperature readings round-the-clock. The public can access the facts on the HKO??£¤s ???Regional Temperature in Hong Kong??¨¤ webpage  and the mobile version webpage (m.hko.gov.hk/wxreport/region.htm).

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