Disadvantages of solid wood furniture

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Disadvantages of solid wood furniture:

In addition, due to the different textures and hardness of the panels, it is impossible to make the thickness of the slats consistent even through the thickening sanding machine, resulting in the uneven surface of the slats. After the paint, the roughness of the slats is more obvious.

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If the crosswise joint quality is poor, there will be obvious crosswise glue joint. If cross - joint strength is not enough, it is also easy to crack at the glue joint. So, the furniture that general solid wood is wide piece board production, look in backlight inclined direction furniture paint surface, can see the phenomenon of level of lath and glue between lath. Select material is exquisite, craft science, this kind of phenomenon will be some smaller, but cannot avoid fundamentally.

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Wide makeup, because of the large solid wood wood anisotropic easy to deformation, plus puzzle glue line between the leakage, can see makeup confusion between the lines, intuitive and joining together solid degree had a great influence on plank can crack, coupled with the spray paint process and the influence of the moisture content of lumber in the paint, even if just a well-formed processing products, in the daily use on the surface of the solid wood puzzle wide easy to occur in the rough edges, the phenomenon such as glue slit. Coupled with the influence of humidity in the air, these phenomena will be more obvious. And the width of the plate base, the thicker, the more obvious above problemsCochrane review.

The plank that solid wood furniture USES asks tall to choosing material, the color of the sheet that go together, grain, grow year to wait to be limiting factor, cause lumber utilization rate low, waste is bigger, cost is very much high. Especially the growth year, decided the soft and hard degree of wood, directly affect the size of the deformation probability in the use process, this characteristic can hardly be distinguished on the furniture product of good lacquer, time is long in use just can discover. Even if select material is very strict, the large face furniture that makes, wait for board of mesa, door still lacks integral feeling, mu wen shows a bit messy cannot build a calm, gentle integral atmosphere.

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