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  Newcastle adult men Kent Anthony Jackson, Dennis Malcolm Tub sentenced in excess of 700kg cocaine importation

  When Kent Anthony Jackson was initial taken to the Hong Kong gambling den all through a business trip, he won. Just before very long, he started to get rid of.

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  By mid-2015 the Newcastle male racked up a $120,000 debt at unlawful Chinese casinos. From the close of 2017, he was attempting to import 700kg of cocaine worthy of $245 million into Australia - only to become busted by police, who experienced been hearing options of your drug operate from Tahiti to Lake Macquarie unfold.

  He was sentenced to 19 years and six months jail in Newcastle District Courtroom on Tuesday for his function, “which approached that of the center manager”, just after he pleaded guilty very last calendar year to importing a industrial amount of cocaine and working with all the proceeds of crime.

  Decide peter Berman, SC sentenced Jackson to some non-parole interval of 12 many years and six months, which implies the 64-year-old will not be qualified for launch right up until May perhaps, 2030 on the earliest.

  Newcastle guy Dennis Malcolm Bathtub, sixty nine, described as “an assistant to Mr Jackson”, was sentenced to 13 many years jail with eight several years non-parole for importing a business quantity of cocaine.

  Jackson had claimed he was positioned underneath duress to take part while in the botched smuggling procedure and was threatened via the syndicate to which he owed his gambling financial debt of $780,000 Hong Kong Dollars.

  In his sentencing, Decide Berman outlined Jackson’s former proof - which could not be reported right up until now - of how he went to Hong Kong for the trade exhibition and met a person through an associate who was related with underworld figures included with unlawful casinos.

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