white belt and fertility problems

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"I am afraid of cold, the hands and feet are often cold, is the palace cold?" Sanya citizen xiao liang looked at the advertisement on his mobile phone to sell the products.The best way to reduce labour in refilling vape cartridge is by getting an oil cartridge filling machine! They have a small table top design and come with a year’s warranty. So, do some work with this machine!
When it comes to "palace cold", many women are often anxious and worried about infertility. "The patient is more afraid of the cold than the average person, not only the hands and feet are cool, but also the stomach and even the whole body cool." Sanya Chinese obstetrics and gynecology chief physician Xu Hongxian says, hands and feet cold, it is possible that the living environment of the cold, mind you, the external factors, such as cold, but there are these symptoms are not necessarily "cold palace". The specific manifestation of "palace cold" is the symptoms of menstruation, white belt and fertility problems.

"Palace cold" is a Chinese medicine concept, as the name implies, "uterine cold". According to xu hongxian, TCM refers to the "uterus" which is different from the uterine uterus referred to in western medicine, and the uterine scope in traditional Chinese medicine is much larger, including the whole reproductive system and related functions. The term "palace cold" in traditional Chinese medicine refers to a series of symptoms of female due to deficiency of Yang qi deficiency in kidney Yang deficiency, spleen Yang deficiency or spleen and kidney Yang deficiency. Specific expression is menstrual cycle delay, menstruation is small and color black, have blood clot, even menstruation closes; The pain can be alleviated before or after menstruation. White belt clear; Severe infertility, or delayed fetal development after pregnancy, etc. "That is to say, cold hands and feet are one of the manifestations of the cold, but it is not cold and cold." "Said xu hongxian.
What caused the woman's "palace cold"? "Palace cold is divided into congenital and acquired various causes, physical deficiency or poor lifestyle. can lead to." Xu said most of the women have a slightly overcast physique, which can be seen as cold, especially when the weather is cooler. But a lot of it comes from "the day after tomorrow", which is the result of bad lifestyle. Xu Hongxian think, as a result of working strain, stress, exercise reduce sun be the spirit damage, ease mood, and so on and so forth lead to women, and regulate improper at ordinary times, partial eosinophilic cold, winter clothing exposure and thin, in the workplace air conditioning temperature too low an unhealthy lifestyle, make external cold evil invading the body, damage the body of the sun be the spirit, so more prone to cold palace.

So, is "palace cold" female take market health care product to be effective? Xu Hongxian explains, if care is indeed contain Chinese native medicine ingredient, recuperation is have certain effect to the body, but the cause of cold palace has a lot of, universal health care products to undertake recuperating personal physique, and body constitution is in constant change, regulate the effect may not be ideal. The key to improve the "cold palace" is to change living habits, Xu Hongxian advice, palace cold patients should pay attention to keep warm, cold "from the", especially in the winter, menstrual period, paying special attention to the leg to keep warm. Secondly, keep a good mood and pay attention to rest and reduce the loss of Yang qi. In the diet, avoid eating cold, spicy, Fried and other foods, and eat more warm foods, such as lamb, fish, chicken and other white meat, such as leafy vegetables and fruits. Once again, the person of "palace cold" should strengthen the movement appropriately, "move is born Yang", xu hongxian recommends quick way, daily walk to the body slightly sweat for appropriate. Tan qi, reporter of southern metropolis daily







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