Turn off the branches of summer, please early autumn

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Time kneaded, scattered memories, the wind stirred, lush summer color; With the temperature of tea, you melt the color of your fingertips into your heart. With the mellow fragrance of ink, you can draw out the rhyme of the words. With the clear water and sky of a pond, you keep silent in the corner.

Flowing clouds with thin water, clouds, clouds catch the sunset. The evening wind blows the dancing willow shadow of the lake, ripples in circles, faint memories, permeates in the flower's wordless, listens to the night twilight, birds sing, the breeze blows the flower's decoration, the star is in the bosom of the moon, whisper, have you not slept yet? Dear plum flower, be careful of the wave light in the water moisten your delicate fragrance; Through cloisters, passing alleys, the quiet flowers, quiet time, rendering a small village, watching the rain singing lullaby, coax the small mountain village sleep in the gentle corner, flowers in the dream of the journey just open, how beautiful ah, how you? Quiet days, those people will always struggle, laughter will always wake up the dream, sleep again, the night is still very long, the day is very gentle.

River fisherman's song, is he in the misty rain, can't find the direction of a flower, scattered in the wind shadow, insipid, light, is empty in the summer cloud, brewing at the end of the song melody, clear, shallow, hidden in the rain lasting appeal, hide in the leaves in the fog, the opening of the narrator is early autumn, meditation at the window, since is the wind, splash of tea from flower to flower, tells the story of the summer, and during the rainy season, gently in the autumn, sprinkled on the window sill of the month, autumn to piece together the probe. The wind blows down the flower, the rain beats the water to wrinkle, the summer's footprint always in the slow years emerge, the autumn's shadow always in the turning of the moment in the meeting, the flower is still expecting what? What is the moon waiting for? Drunk love, incense love, a casual look, is the departure of summer.........

Open this window, let the moonlight and the house connect together, the years too like a poem, flower read understand it when too late to brew fragrance, rush like youth, month read understand it when too late full feeling, silent like water, in the meaning of understanding, is several years of spring and autumn? Artistic conception of relief, is a few storms? Read understand, the flowers also fell, the moon also broken, and old people.

Summer and autumn meet, pure white color embrace years, the taste of summer, spread in the wind in the rain, cicada son sing elegy, do you love to pause in the heart of the tree? The elegance of summer, with the passing clouds with the passing water, flowers write love poem, do you miss the green sky? Go, with the wind wandering four seasons, in the most beautiful season settle down, I wish you good luck; Go ahead, never mind the scenery behind you, look for yourself in a quiet day, I wish you a good wind.

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