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Yuhuan Furniture into a base for The national well-known European classical Furniture, along with The changing of The market, consumers increasingly favor young, fashion, international, first to break through The traditional city house Furniture, go abroad, as The European famous designer, together with The wooden Furniture brand of arteries and veins, realized The true meaning of "original pure import international Furniture brand", The Most Valuable Furniture - "The highest cost-effective Furniture", not only is The wood to Furniture brand of "high quality" requirements, is The pursuit of life "good taste".

Thousands of companies around the world usePartition Panelfor their offices.

Fashion, simple is the original wood vein imported furniture with The Times of the characteristics, the most cost-effective furniture is the wood vein consumer commitment!! The original import furniture of wooden vein pursues natural original ecological aesthetic feeling, choose the teak with extremely strong stability to do advocate material, all material is qualitative the skin texture that reveals original and colour and lustre. Use stone material, glass and iron lamp as adornment material at the same time, increase the quality fashionable feeling of the product.

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On July 26, 2017, the first experience hall of the original imported furniture brand of mumai was set up in yuhuan, taizhou, to officially attract investment to national key cities. When it was first promoted, it was well received by all sides pediatric hypertension.

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