The main culprit of "photoaging

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The best choice for sunscreen is light texture, especially in the eyes, with a slightly moisturized product that avoids the uneven spread of sunscreen, or makes it more vulnerable to dry skin. When washing face at night, it is best to remove makeup oil to clean, do not let bask in the material residues in the skin all night Dream beauty pro hard sell.

Try to see if the lotion can easily be pushed aside and pressed against the skin.

The main culprit of "photoaging" : whitening no "against"

The key to whitening is to know your skin clearly and to whiten your skin so as to stop the light aging.

Against discoloration

Splash a lot of more phyletic, for spots caused by aging must use strong whitening function of the product, the most common is gentian with essence, fake leaf tree essence, etc., they can strengthen the skin cells to filter ultraviolet function activities. In addition, vitamin C also can inhibit melanin, uniform. skin color, and want to be effective quick, can usable fruit acid light spot Dream beauty pro hard sell.

Some whitening products contain the plant extracts such as bearberry and clover, which can change the color due to the change of natural raw materials. This is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the effect of light spot.

The acid can be weak spot, but vitamin A acid and vitamin C use together, can stimulate stratum corneum, commonly used to be used in the household to spot the product should not exceed 2% fruit acid.

Overall the whitening

Be careful with the sleeping mask, you will be able to whiten the daily whitening of the whole season with the most gentle products. The products of the plant are not added to the products, which are safe and effective. Anti-oxidant products can repair damaged cells. The frosted products and the stimulating fruit acids of the dead skin are not used every day, which can trigger sensitivity and make skin fragile.

Use toner with whitening function to make whitening care more effective.

If the essence of whitening mask is too thick, do not suggest to apply cream again, otherwise easy to produce grease grain.

Emergency whitening Dream beauty pro hard sell

After the summer sun, the skin will leave traces of red and swollen, shall make emergency relieve and calm at this time of care, such as rapid cooling spray products, with high concentrations of moisturizing products give skin complement the loss of moisture, oil content, to the state of the skin back to normal after a few days use whitening products.

Apply moisturizing mask at night and relieve hot and hot skin in short time.

Do not apply a mask that is whitening or other ingredients to avoid stimulating the skin that is damaged by sunlight Dream beauty pro.

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