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Sometimes, we need own the ability of making a copy of good presentation to boss or customer to tell them what you want to express. I thought it should be easy before I did a copy of presentation to big boss. Actually, it's not easy job when I started to prepare it, because I didn't catch what was really big boss expected within a short time dermes vs medilase.

 I just did this according my understanding and I was a little confused what kind of data and what style. of presentations I should present during the whole process. What's more, due to I wanted to show more information that made the presentation losing the key point which it should have. When I finished it, I was not happy with it. Not to mention, it will win the favor of the boss. To be frank, it's not a copy of eligible presentation to me dermes.

With the concept of one of predecessors, if you take more concentration on how to complete the job in hand and neglect how to present it to your boss, you will possible lose the opportunity of getting promotion. It's the reason why some people who didn't more professional skills can get more chance getting promotion than others. It's because they can make a copy of wonderful representation or report dermes. I'm not sure these words whether it's right or not, but, I believe it certainly has a point. 






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