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Teddy has been at my home more than two years, Teddy is cute but he is a picky eater, the food bowl of him is placed at the corner at the bath room, because of dog food is always there, never empty food bowl incurred the disaster of cockroaches at home herakles plus.

I know cockroach is die hard bug; it goes to everywhere as it can, it is running fast and hard to catch, reproduced very fast, as long as there is some, it must be have many as you unexpected, maybe it is coming from the neighbors, that’s why I heard the kill cockroaches is whole building mission.

Fighting with cockroaches is most important thing right now, I have no any experiences how to do facing the disgusting situation, my daughter is also complain me I am not a good wife, how come it has never had before. I bought the medicine from the local market, surely the small business traders is hard to tell whether their kindness is truly honest, the medicine are all good enough for killing bugs as I was told. I believe what they said degree course.

In our 21 century, I don’t believe I cannot conquer a small bug in the life. I cleared up all the equipment at the bathroom including the stuff of dog, spreading the medicine at every corner and closed the door for 24 hours. I wonder it must be a lot dead body there sadly, waiting for the wonderful achievement happened. To my surprised, there is not more dead body there after the time, like nothing happened, where are they? I am very angry how come? I doubt for the medicine, or maybe the cockroach is so clever than human being wedding event management.

Dear guys, can you give me your suggestions how to disinfest the house of cockroaches.






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