Are You the Star in Your Own Movie?

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It's amazing to me how many people get up and go to work every day to an environment that makes them unhappy.

"My father and my grandfather before him worked here, so this is where I'm supposed to be." "I'm afraid if I leave, I won't get another job." "No one will hire me so this is what I have to do Hair Class."

Last time I checked, life is supposed to be fun. It's filled with endless possibilities. This is America and we can do and be anything we want. Okay, that's a bit over the top, but it's not impossible to be happy at work. You can do it. It just takes a change in your perspective.

Life is all about choice. We really do have a choice about how our lives are going at every moment. Often it just takes slowing down.

Here's a story about choice. A student went to live in a monastery. One of the rules of the monastery was that the students had to take a vow of silence to live there. But, once every ten years, the students were allowed to meet with the head monk and speak one sentence to him.

So the student of our story spends his first ten years in silence. The time comes to meet the head monk and say his one sentence. He goes to the monk and says, "The bed is hard." The monk smiles, and the student goes back to the monastery to study and pray.Ten more years go by Shipping Agent. Again the student meets the monk and he says, "The food is lousy." The monk smiles, and the student returns to the monastery. Now it's thirty years later. Thirty years! The student meets with the monk and says, "I quit!" And the monk replies, "I'm not surprised. You've had a bad attitude since the first day you came here."

This story just goes to show that life is all about your point of view. The monk was just waiting for the student to quit, and the student was putting up with a less-than-ideal environment until he finally couldn't take it anymore.

How each of us feels and reacts throughout each day-throughout our entire lives, really-is what truly counts, not the story. Whining and moaning and groaning and being a victim is no fun for anyone to hear about. Are you the star in your own movie called life? Or are you the victim?

You can take turn your life around from dreading going to work every day to at least having it be more bearable; and eventually looking forward to getting up every day. I suggest four steps that form. the acronym LARK: listen, ask, relax, kick.






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