Mind, in Time and Space

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One cannot make a decision in the moment of now. All decisions are made from the past, and then you work in the past to recreate a future that has already passed based on that decisionCruise Travel Agents.

If it is true that we are creating ourselves and the circumstances of our existence, then were does that existence or experience take place, in the past, present or future?

The brain is only a processor and a very slow one at that. The brain processes information received by the five senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight. By the time the brain has processed the information received by the bodily sensors and made a judgement about the information, the information is old news and so is its reaction.

In a recent commercial for Young Drivers of Canada, the announcer said that your teenager has only 1.3 seconds to react to a car that has pulled in front of him. That's not much in human terms, but as far as processing goes it's a lifetime. Of course we are not computers and our brains process adequately enough for our survival in the physical world and we have learned to live within these limitations of time and space.

The mind is not the brain, the mind is that which gives the body life, it is life itself. There is only one mind and that mind is operating individually in all things. That mind sees the future, the present and the past simultaneously. The ego which is the individualized peace of the mind sees the future as part of the mind, it then goes back into the past to recreate the future through the physical thought process. The ego sees the finished product in its mind's eye then reacts to it by recreating it. The product or action is real in the minds eye and the body reproduces it in space-time one increment at a timenightlife in Hong Kong.

The mind is the only part of us that can truly experience itself in the moment of now. The mind sees the future and the ego reacts to it in the past, but the past can never be present in the future so it always recreates in the past. So past, present and future all happen now. The body is as a time machine so that the mind can experience the creation of its own thought. So we are an intermediary function of a system that lives in the now, and cannot experience a past or futurehong kong macao






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