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moisturizing moisturizing and whitening skin, anti-inflammatory, calm face film is also suitable for the sun to do skin care, after the rest of the mask can also be used to apply in other parts of the body, such as arms, neck, shoulders, and so on. You can also add lemon water, protein, vitamin e and so on according to your skin condition Dream beauty pro hard sell.

The four fruits and vegetables facial masks mentioned above are made of natural ingredients. They are naturally healthy and have remarkable cosmetic effects. If you want to whiten and moisturize, try these fruit and vegetable masks. Beauty expert clew, the majority of skin care products contain chemicals available in the market, use for a long time may damage disease, these fruits and vegetables mask composition is simple, skin care effect is also very good, so, you can use these fruits and vegetables often mask Dream beauty pro.

Which fruits can whiten your skin

What are the white fruits? We use all kinds of whitening methods every day for beauty, some still have no effect! Every day is to change to beautiful what can be ao! We can try the fruit whitening skincare way! Simple and practical! Beauty girls you know!


Soak the skin of the face with the wash cloth and soak the skin with water. After 5 minutes, wash it with clean water. It can remove the makeup and clean the face dirt and oil thoroughly. Even sensitive skin can be used safely Dream beauty pro.

But especially remind, use orange juice cleanser to avoid sun exposure.


Lemons are beauty "versatile." Lemon contains vitamin C and fruit acid, its essential oil has the antibacterial action, can soften and clean the skin, and can deeply cleanse the skin and increase the elasticity of the face.


Add the tomato juice to a small amount of alcohol, boric acid reserve, according to the bath person need and different water temperature, add the right amount tomato juice, soak bath, have the tender skin, make the skin ruddy effect.

Such as skin appear acne, freckle, chloasma, sweat stain, can clean facial clean first, and then use tomato juice apply face, stay 15-20 minutes remove with clean water, or add a spoonful of glycerol in tomato juice, wash a face to mixture, 2-3 times a day, every 10 minutes, then remove with clean water, use some skin cream, all can make the skin white tender, dark spots, for drying skin, skin care cosmetic effect is a plus.


Walnut meat is rich in protein, fatty oil, carbohydrate, crude fiber, trace elements calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and carotene. Can moisturize skin, black hair, nourishing liver and kidney, strong bones.

Whitening fruits have lemons, lyuding, walnuts and tomatoes are all possible! For the skin white and tender, the color spot can help ao! Good for the body! So skin and skin care will depend on them! The beauty effect also has! Get your act together Dream beauty pro!

Can maintain healthy and whiten skin food

Now!!!! What's the best way to do it? Let's talk about it. There are many foods for beauty and skincare. For example, many fruits, vegetables and food are good for the skin, which can whiten and beautifying skin.






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