Cold means to attack the bedroom to have a clever move

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In November, the cooling off guard, most people go out to all wrapped in thick cotton-padded jacket, back home, although most families already have heating, but some bad front poor, location of residence, or has a sense of cold already apparent. How to spend the cold winter at home in a comfortable and warm home? Add, change some household small object, can add a bit of warmth to your home life this winter.

Woolen fabrics warm the sofa clinique fresh pressed

One of the most enjoyable things in winter is of course in a warm home, lying on a comfortable couch, playing games and watching the show. How to make sofa more comfortable and warm? You can lay some woolen fabric on the sofa, and HOLA's and music have a classic long wool skin on the sofa. The wool fiber density is high, the hand feels comfortable warm, there is also the effect of flame retardant, suck tide. Spread out on the sofa, indoor warm meaning.

The carpet is warm and cold floor

Some of the floor of light color attune, on a cold winter day, let a person feel the chill, choose a warm lambs wool carpet, the sofa of the sitting room in front of her, or the edge of the bed of the bedroom, even go barefoot in the above will feel comfortable and warm, especially suitable for families with elderly and children. Also can be put in the floating window of the bedroom, in the afternoon of sunshine warm melting, sitting on top reading is also very good recreational choice clinique fresh pressed.

Warm up in the light

Warm light can enhance the warmth of space. Warm color is the color of the color is derived by the sun, including red, red, purple, orange, yellow, orange, etc., this light with soft color and strong texture, can give a person halcyon, comfortable feel. The light of the restaurant is matched with yellow and soft lighting to ensure that the whole table and food are illuminated in the warm color of the light, so that people can stay happy while eating. The bedroom USES yellow, red, purple is the most can add warmth, put a touch of orange or pink desk lamp on the bedside cabinet, make the bedroom is warm and full of quiet atmosphere.

Transform. autumn and winter bedding

In winter, you can have a light and warm quilt to ensure a comfortable and warm sleep. HOLA warm sweet ShuYu partition goose down by humanized design, divided into three regions, respectively, the chest reduced pressure zone, abdominal heat preservation area, lower part of the resistance to cold to warm area, heat preservation effect is good, comfortable and breathable, table cloth and special antibacterial treatment. Choose a good quilt to make you have a good, sweet sleep in the winter dermes.

Warm color tie-in color collocation heats up the cold

Colorific collocation has a great influence on people's psychology, choose warm color fastening home outfit design can increase indoor warmth. A light green or pale pink color can make a person feel warm in the spring, suitable for a colder environment. Brown, aureate, purple color or natural wood color, can give a person gentle and comfortable feeling, add a few green ornament, will feel more relaxed. The ornament of orange department, also can promote indoor warmth.

Wall hanging furnace heating is warmest

Without central heating in the winter in the north, the cb both energy conservation and environmental protection, and household heating, their control of heating time and temperature, combined with beautiful shape, wall hanging furnace heating floor or a combination of the radiator, let indoor moment warm during the winter months.

Bath bully comfortable bath environment

After a busy day, he came home with a cold air and a hot bath to dispel the cold and fatigue. At this time, open bath bar before bathing premise, let whole bathroom first warm up. Today, a combination of heating, ventilation, lighting and air blowing is really a good companion for the winter shower.

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