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  The colourful neon signs hanging along Hong Kong streets have long been seen as a unique characteristic of local culture, and the city?ˉs fascinating streetscapes have always been a major attraction for tourists.

  But today?ˉs Hong Kong has a lot more attractions, such as Disneyland, the Big Buddha, and spectacular views of skyscrapers with gorgeous architecture along both sides of Victoria Harbour. Walking along a street lined with shining neon signs is possibly no longer the highlight of a visitor?ˉs travel experience Annie KO.

  Neon signs: a shining example of Hong Kong's heritage

  Moreover, the majority of our tourists today are mainlanders, rather than from overseas. Most mainland Chinese visitors care more about shopping than an appreciation of neon signs. These signs, which can seem exotic to visitors from farther afield, are probably a common sight in their hometowns. So it is not surprising to hear people say the attractiveness of neon signs for promoting tourism is waning.

  In contrast, the fact that many of these signs pose a safety risk has been in the spotlight. Some signs seem in desperate need of repair or maintenance and, if an accident does happen, responsibility gets thrown back and forth between the owner of the building and the shop owner.

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Hong Kong with a tour of Victoria peak

China and the United States

with the bridge linking the city to Macau and Zhuhai

rail line contributing to the upsurge

signs in busy streets in recent years not only

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