Even if you often say

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 to yourself, I write, I remember, I hold, I forget, no one knows, do not have to understand. Of course, you still have been writing, writing in a picture, in the video. These have been burned in the "memory" of the disc.

In the past, or future unknown, we like walking in the way of earth, and bustling people, things, and staggered and rub shoulders. Yes ah, come and go, the original is not the opposition, to come from the past? Or is it going to be the future? In fact, many current rub shoulders, that moment is forever. Time is not the original river, only the memory of the boat, carrying the time and the time of their own.

"Time of the white horse always easily across the gap, passing on the shore, you can't see the reflection, reflection in the doped with too many memories." Admittedly, we are shaking the memories of the pulp scull, near the shore. Profound know even if, in the long river of time without reflux, and everything is an illusion, but we always expect, capture the light fragment can long-term preservation, at least to the text, in the form. of pictures preserved. (ah, or this can be understood as on this trip the red trip "greed"!)

As this moment, when you from an old article have seen you, those residual fragments in my mind gradually by the fuzzy and clear, you seem to have returned to the past. The same is the dim yellow light, the stack of white paper, and finger tapping monotonous sound. But every minute of trance, suddenly, you in the past, and now you meet in this winter night.

Oh, memory can disrupt the moment, time is indomitable, is, we go on getting old, is bound to grow old, and then disappear from the world until and the margin did not exhausted therein to meet again in another unknown world.






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