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  She never bow to fate, the character, the farm never lose. In the 1980s and 1990s, father accounts not in rural areas, in order to earn workpoint, food shortages and work in a production team, the mother always Pinsipinhuo to dry. Remember, the summer harvest wheat, mother in front of the cut, I was in the back of the bundling; in the feTranslater Hong Kongcal, mother be hitched up, I pull loop. Then working mothers are never mind strength, that is afraid more than others cut half from ear to ear wheat, multi line several piles of dung, gladness of heart is high hanging in the face, like a curved crescent in the quiet of the night sky to laugh.

Too tired, too much fighting, the damage to the body. Mother very early got rheumatism joint inflammatichina company formationon, and from mother to flee to the wrist, knee, pills, plasters, never discontinuous, so far, although well, mother to sleep, with specifically for their cotton pad wrapped in two knees, this habit has remained to the present. Later, the mother also got chronic renal pelvis nephritis, looked for a lot of years to look good.

I know, mother to let her three children to eat well dressed, to a good school, build on the oneself body, exhausted her half a lifetime of effort, even in her youth, also do not have the luxury in the mirror before dressing, in the festival added food, accompany with h24 volt dc motorser. However, there are labor and sickness. Until later, I took part in the work and home although not rich, can finally let mother rest, rest and recuperation in domestic, did not expect such Qingfu didn't last a few years.






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