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I was deeply moved, I decided not to stay up late. Sponge in the water, I do not dare to squeeze, and then squeeze the body to eat, and distress. Friends, do you know? How do you squeeze time. The famous literary scholar Balzac, it is time, insist on writing every day. One day, he was so tired that he had to take a nap at his friend's house, hoping that his friend would wake up Intellectual Property Management an hour later, he could not bear him too much, and did not wake him up. Three hours later, he woke up, very angry with his friends, he wasted two hours! A waste of life Dream beauty pro hard sell, will be a friend to blame for a happy go. Balzac cherish the time as life, my shame.

So cherish the time, combat readiness, WenJiQiWu spirit is worth learning. But in the time of the value of the moment, too much to squeeze the life, will let people's overdraft. We have a look that theACCESS CONTROL writer who, which is not hard to go? If they can rest for a moment of life, then life will trickle health?






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