How to match clothes with leg length

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How to match the clothes with leg length: wearing a half skirt and short legs

Many people think that wearing a half skirt will show the length of the leg. This is not the case. Only when the style. of the skirt is 10 cm or more above the knee will the leg be long, but if the leg is short, it will be tens Do not wear tights or pipe pants inside. For those who have longer legs, they can be worn with pantyhose.

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How to match the clothes with the legs: the tops are designed with complex clothes and the legs are long.

The same is the upper body with a vest T-shirt. If the clothes on the upper body are more complicated, it can attract the upward movement of the whole line of sight, so that you can ignore the short and thick legs, so that the legs can be longer.

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How to match the leg length of the clothes: the shorter the shirt, the longer the leg length

In order to match the leg length, we have to choose a short top, because the shorter the top of the top, the longer the curve of the leg, so the short top has the effect of lengthening the leg. But for MM, which is itself a long leg, it can be paired with some long shirts, because it can increase femininity.

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