I meet you in my world

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Coffee in a coffee machine grinding, dust with respiratory Piaofei in the evening air, the phonograph record cassette intermittently , Ishi Kusai of the sky city has filled the air in the whole house, I tried to find myself in the music of sadness, tell yourself never lost .

In the book there is a saying that good, it echoes my long held beliefs."My dear, there is no one outside, only you."Life comes from nowhere, not speculation is also elusive.Whether living in strive to be the first run stage, or every life changes to slow down the anxious moment, or see the mountains gorgeous attributed to plain hesitated moment, facing the joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows, the only way to maintain a caring heart and cherish blessing Thanksgiving mentality, all the truth will automaticallyreenex HydraFacialrestore to the bottom of it.

"Why I am not happy?""Why can't I have the life I want?"Why am I always sad?"These complaints to inoculation filled with every corner of life, endless complaining, infinite despair.Get rid of it, look at yourself in the mirror and the mirror look like panic, where there are so many sad and unhappy.Which is in charge of the happy sad, just laugh, heart if Xiangyang, fearless sadness, I put the palms together his hands to pray -- may I met the most true self.

The coffee is cooked, the music stopped the phonograph, opened the curtains, the sun just outsideAnnabelle Skin!






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