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You see us around the village, there are potential changes into the low hills, the morning mist curl, birdsong clear. Village farmhouse vestibular backyard is full of horse Jiayou, the fleshy leaves of Citruspolar grandis, full mobility crystal Yingying dew, when the spring, wild flowers all over the mountains and plains, mingled with the soil atmosphere, exudes seductive fragrance, make Keng Cun ridge surrounded in the green of nature... " In talking to that less than 60 years old Uncle Zhang, in addition to the management of the village of daily affairs, still ridge natural Keng Cun investment to build leisure resort. Leisure resort center being built, several of the Qing Dynasty's ancestral home, both inside and outside of the ancestral home has workers in the decoration, walls, a burned her sturdy brick, inside decoration since ancient waterwheels were retained from the Qing Dynasty, and during the great leap forward to blow fan hull fan car. Yellow mud walls, dark room and pillar, ancient farm tools, if with some old songs, the traveler heart will be imbued reenex HydraFacial with the A shares a deep sense of nostalgia. Zhang Dabo to the house of a few houses carefully decorated, used to set up food shops, rooms, ancestral homes surrounding the building has also been built around a few antique like a building, as a tourist recreation of the place. The ancestral home of the right is a neighbor of the same village houses, the villagers in driven by zhangdabo,chef jobs in singapore have repair houses, ready to used to open the farmhouse. This villa is built, the ridge village 60% farmers can open farmhouse. When the ridge village fame not only loud, farmers will be bulging waist bag!" Turning to the development of the future, Zhang Dabo said with confidence.






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